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Puppy Training

The Lab Pups Training program is 21 days long.  Your puppy will have an excellent command of his or her training skills once they’ve completed our program.  Passing these commands and habits on to the owner is an integral part of training.



* This is a 21 day (3 week) program
* Owner training included.
* Boarding & Food included.
* Visiting is recommended after two weeks (14 days).


Come, sit, stay and heel.  These 4 simple commands are the start of a long and enjoyable relationship with your puppy.

Training is based on a Encouragement/Correction principals.  We don’t use treats to train Labs.  “An ounce of praise is more effective than a pound of  treats”.  When you reward your puppy with treats, he/she tend to only obey when you have “payment” for their good behavior.


* Jumping on people is discouraged.  This is common among excited pups.  Teaching them to be patient and considerate is part of the training system.
Our training program helps teach the  puppy to be gentle.  This training program tends to focus your pup.

* The best age to start formal training is best at 3 to 4  months/12 to 16 weeks of age. Later is better than never! Even older dogs can benefit from training.

This is like a mini-vacation for your puppy!

Answers to common questions:

* Your puppy will not forget you.

* Housebreaking won’t revert while here.

Cost and Payment

* Cost: $600.00/per dog
* Payment is due at time of drop off.   Accepted methods: Visa/MasterCard/Cash/Check

Continued training is available for a pro-rated price.

Training check-ups are a great tool to polish your puppy’s understanding and memory of his/her learned training skills.

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