Seven Oaks Kennel

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We Love hearing from our customers and seeing pictures of all our puppies from past litter.

It always brings so much joy to our hearts. 

Keep them coming. !!!

Guys, I'm sure you don't remember me but I purchased two pups (Hawk and Kodiak) from your Dixie/Zeus litter back in December of 2010. I just wanted to commend you on the excellent job you do breeding your dogs and raising your pups. My two are the BEST I have ever been around, and I have raised a lot of Labs over my lifetime.

Keep up the good work and I may be looking your way in the future for another GREAT pup.

James Roane
I purchased Marley from you about 2 years ago. He is the best dog I have ever owned. He is super smart, loads of personality and would rather retrieve than eat.  Also, our vet and pretty much everyone who sees him thinks he is the best looking lab they have ever seen.

Wanted to give you an update on Shiner. He is a beautiful dog and everything I hoped he would be. He is about 75 lbs now and still seems to be growing. 

He is all adolescent BOY right now and full of boundless energy! I would vouch for your dogs any day, we could not be happier!

Thought we would send a little progress pic of May! She's growing so fast and learning so much! We know how to:

Lay down
Wait for a treat and not bite off someone's hand
Not potty in the house
Bark when she needs to go out
Run with us on a leash

Thanks again for such a sweet pup! We have referred several friends to you all so hopefully we have some puppy friends in the neighborhood soon!

Hi Chris & Linda:  We purchased our wonderful Lacey (red collar) from you in 2009.  She was from a litter from Ritz & Lightning.    We have been so happy with Lacey we really don’t want to look elsewhere!



Mike & Susan Mahoney

Toro in Mexico

We got her 2 summers ago. She is having a great time with us.

We got her 2 summers ago. She is having a great time with us.
I just wanted pass on pictures of one of your beautiful labs.  Here is Hera, who is the daughter of Allie and Jake, Jr.  She is 4 years old now. 

Robert C. Gunn

Hi Chris and Linda,


Tanner was born June 13, 2015 in Dakota’s (and Gunner’s) litter.  He has been such a great addition to our family!  He is very outgoing, friendly, smart, funny and loves to retrieve.  Loves going for walks and truck rides too!


He was a lion for Halloween and Santa for Christmas. 


As the saying goes – “He isn’t our whole life, but he makes our lives whole.”




Good morning I just wanted to give you an update on Mia Lynn – she is now 3 ½ years old and doing great!! She’s still as playful and loving as the day we got her.  She loves going for runs and playing at the beach – from the time she wakes up till she goes to bed she is running and playing and fetching.  She even sleeps with her favorite ball.  She has been a great joy to our lives and has brought many wonderful memories and fun – she is so loved and spoiled. We get so many compliments from people about how beautiful she is and how smart she is. 


Merry Christmas from Mia in Corpus Christi Texas!!


Theopa L. Rodriguez

Daisy Mae


Hi Chris and Linda,

I just wanted to send you an update on Mara (the chocolate female from the Midnight/Toby litter) now that we've had her for a week.  We absolutely love her.  She is a gorgeous puppy and she is so sweet and smart.  We really appreciate you breeding such a fantastic dog.

I have attached a few pictures of her.  It was great to meet you, and I look forward to sending you more updates as she grows.


I just wanted to let you all know how wonderful Maggie Poppins ( Maggie) has been. She was born Mar. 2014 from Daisy and Gunnar's litter. She is the quietest lab ever. She loves to watch people, cats , and Ducks. She loves belly rubs and sleeping in closets.

I receive tons of compliments about her. I continue to tell people where I got her and if they are interested y'all are the people to talk to.

 She weighs about 65 lbs. Maggie LOVES to ride in the car - she falls asleep in about 2 min.

Thank you so much. She is a true gift ! I've attached some photos so you can see how much she has grown.

Sheri Gibson
Chris and Linda,

Hi, my name is Kelly Krieg! My girlfriend, Karissa, and I bought a puppy from you earlier this year. He (Max) was born on Feb. 14th and we picked him up on April 17th. I wanted to update you on how he is doing.

Max was the absolutely easiest puppy I have ever house trained...only 3 accidents indoors ever! He is also extremely smart and learned the basic commands (sit, lay down, stay, place and kennel) in no time at all.

My intention when we got Max was to train him to assist me with dove and duck hunting. I introduced him to water (a swimming pool) at the end of May and he and I both learned quickly that he LOVES water. The drive he possesses for retrieving also is fantastic. I have started gun training with him and he has done well. I took him dove hunting for the first time last week in East Texas and he was not scared at all by the gun fire. I was also able to introduced Max to his first dove last week and he was completely focused and wanted to do nothing but retrieve that dove.

I want to thank you for the outstanding blood lines that you breed. I shopped around for several months prior to deciding to buy from you and I am not regretting it at all. Within the next year, I will probably buy another puppy from you. I have attached a couple of pictures so you can see Max in action from this summer. Thank you once again!



I purchased two pups from the Dixie/Zues litter in December. Just wanted to let you know they are doing great and are a joy to own.
I've attached a picture of Hawk and Kodiak.
James Roane


This is Tom Garza from Kingsville Tx. Just wanted to send yall a picture of Roxy (from molly and zeus' litter) after she received her Junior Hunting title through AKC.
Thanks for a great dog,


Here is a pic of our daughter and Hoss who will be a year in October. His dad was Cooper I believe... Boy is Hoss an awesome boy!
He is gentle and sweet and I think we got lucky with him because he doesn't chew everything up or dig like some labs do as pups!
Sincerely, Stephanie Manning


I just wanted to send a thank you and updated photo of our dog we purchased, it was  quite awhile ago Sept 08, I believe it was a Jake and Aspen puppy, anyway he is a great dog, we had one litter with our female before we spayed her and the picture is of all three, Astro, dark choc, the one we purchased, Gunner the yellow is the offspring, and Sophie our female. Astro has been a wonderful replacement for the lab we lost in 07. We are glad that we were able to purchase him, and he is everything I wanted him to be, so thanks for raising such great dogs!


Krista Anderson


Chris & Linda,

It has been a while since I picked Modi up, but I wanted to send some pics to show him off. Making this purchase has been the best thing I have done in a very long time. He is the most admired, loved, and fawned over dog I have seen in a long time. He is very mellow, loves everyone and every dog, and is truly a great companion. As you can see from the picture above, he loves kids and they love him. At 19 weeks old, he has been house trained for nearly two months, sits, shakes, heels, lays down, sits up, retrieves, and generally listens very well. He is extremely smart and only takes one or two short sessions to pick up on what I’m trying to teach him. I am looking forward to his retriever training that I will start in a month or so. I am very, very glad that I chose to go with my gut and get a dog from Molly and Thor’s litter instead of waiting on a chocolate from another litter.

Lastly, I did want to dicuss studding possibilities with you in regards to Modi. Once he is well into his training, I will make the decision to stud him or not. I am leaning towards it very heavily, especially since I have had more than a few people tell me they would want one of his puppies if I ever do stud him out. I would really like to stud him at your kennel if you have a good bitch when the time comes that he is mature enough for it. Do you ever do this type of thing?

Much thanks,

Jeremy Stewart


Hey Chris,
 We own Ace, a chocolate lab from Sienna and Rocky.
Your new puppy Bo is absolutely adorable. They grow up fast! I know, Ace is huge; he is around 90 lbs. and still has a way to grow. Hope to see you guys again soon to add a new addition to our family.
-Randall Carter


In January of 2007, my husband, Jon Rada and I, Lynn Rada bought a
chocolate male lab puppy from you.  He was born on November 25, 2006,
Jake was the dad and I cannot remember the mom's name.

We named him Bear and I just love him to death.  Bear is 95 pounds and
is just beautiful.  He has the sweetest personality and I swear that he
tries to talk to you.  Also we cannot keep him out of the swimming


Hi chris,

Thought you might enjoy this funny picture of our puppy "beau".   He fell asleep waiting for dinner.  He is doing great & has a has such a good personality!  We are enjoying him so much!   Thanks again for everything!

Kellie Thompson


Hey Chris and Linda...we are finally getting a picture to ya'll.  Here is Ashly and Mallory Kempken age 10 weeks.  They are so precious!  We are so happy to have them as part of our family.  Thanks so much!
Kimberly K. Kempken


Chris and Linda:

Bacchus - 6 wks

Son of ZEUS & SASSY MIKOLAJCZYK born 1/2/10

Thanks & regards



Hi Chris!  Just wanted to let you know that Bosco is doing great!  He has been sleeping on the loveseat in our room with his blanket.  He wakes us up at 2 am, 6 am, and again at 7:30 like clock work.  He gets up goes outside to go potty and comes back in.  Potty training is going well.  Bosco is well loved, and gets along great with the kids!  He has a new stuffed duck that he likes a lot.  I attached a photo of him, and I'll send more as he grows!  Thanks so much for our new addition!  We love him tons!
Jackie Beckham & family


Chris and Linda,

Benson learned to retrieve  the morning newspaper at 3 months old and he learned it in just one morning!

Benson is very mild mannered, rarely barks or makes a noise, very quick learner and is best friends with his human ‘siblings’ Joe and Kristen.  He graduated from puppy education at PetsMart. 

Thanks for providing us a great dog.


The Koporc Family



from Bear and Rosie



I've been real happy with my new lab Beta.  I can tell she is going to be a good bird dog.  I took her to the vet yesterday and at 10months she's already 64 lbs.  She's going to be a big dog.

I attached a photo of Beta. She looks a lot like Rocky.

Thanks again,



Blue is doing great!  This is at Thanksgiving.

Happy Holidays!

Will Braun


Hi Chris and Linda,

 Just wanted to give you a quick update on our new pup. We decided to name him Bo DZ. We don't use the DZ that's just in honor of his parents. He's doing great only one accident at night and one during the day so far. He's already sleeping peacefully in his Kennel and gets along great with all our other dogs for the most part. Harley our female Jack Russel loves to play with him but Scooter our male is still trying to figure out how to remain the Alpha with such a big addition. He's really coming out of his shell and seems to love his new home as much as we love him!! Vet visit went great, and everything is good there. He discovered the "doggy toy box's" and has managed to spread them over most our five acres. He has a favorite toy already and it's a Scooby doo stuffed animal, I think it's because he aspires to be Great Dane size some day which the vet says is possible, he weighed in at 27Lbs Thursday.

Len Heline


Hi Chris and Linda,
We bought a puppy from Crystal and Midas's litter Jan. 3.  One of those cute chunky yellow males.  We named him Bo and boy is he growing!  We love him and he is a WONDERFUL puppy! 
Misty Joseph


Merry Christmas from the Salem's, wanted you to see how beautiful our boy Boudreaux is!!!  thanks to Bear and Kisses.  We are so thankful for our baby and your kennel thanks again.


Here is a photo of Brandi-she has turned out of be a really sweet pup, easily trainable and is still growing.

 Last time she was weighed she was almost 75lbs at 8 mo


Hey Chris,

Just wanted to thank you and your family again for breeding such great looking pups!

 I couldn't be more satisfied with Cash; great looking and super smart. He is constantly getting compliments!

Thanks again,


Just dropping a line to let ya know Chelsea is doing fine. She will be going back to the vet for another round of vaccinations and check up on the 29th of this month. The vet weighed her in at 18.5 pounds last week. As you can see by the photo, she has volunteered to help load and unload the dishwasher. Because I am a science teacher, one of my summer responsibilities is to maintain our large school garden. Chelsea is a great helper as she tries to plug all the holes in the water hose while I am watering the plants. I will try to get photos of that one for y’all. I am also a math teacher so we have been working on a small trick where I ask her what 1 + 1 is. She will bark twice for me on command. This puppy has really brought me back from my depression following the loss of Lexi. Y’all have brought pure joy back into my life.


Dan and Maryann Leija


Hi Chris,
    We are really enjoying Chloe. She is wonderful. 
Just wanted to send you some photos of her and sister Lexus.  My neighbor adopted Lexus from Jake & Theias first litter.  Chloe is from the second litter.
They are just a little spoiled and they get along great.
Thank you for such great dogs.
Jill McMahan


This is Bear's and Charity's son, born July 12, 2008.
He is 11 weeks old in this photo taken on Saturday, October 4, 2008.
Cochise is a very good boy. I hope you like teh phtoos.

Have a great dayand thanks for my wonderful kid!
TJ Conner




I bought a chocolate puppy on Thursday and I named her Coco Chanel. I am super happy with her.


Tania Martinez


Sammy is wonderful!  He is loving, easy to please, will already walk on the leash without resisting, and has learned his name, of course, and also "come", "sit", and we are progressing to "stay" and "down".  He is a joy.  Thanks so much.  He and his beagle brother seem to enjoy chewing the foam around the outdoor a/c unit which I have redone.  Other than that, they are content playing in the house, napping, and going outside and exploring in the early morning and evening.  

I am sending you a couple of pictures. 

Thanks again,
Marta and Ronny Crawford


Hi this is Kerri Hesko.. we adopted Dixie Belle in October 2006 and I thought you might want to see a recent picture of her...





Hi Chris,
We wanted to send along some recent pictures of our puppies.
Freddy ( the yellow male from Molly and Thor) and Peabo (the chocolate from Shadow and Ranger) are now both big(55 pounds each!), happy and healthy, and have been a wonderful addition to our family.
They've had all their shots, are very well behaved (for the most part!), and are a joy to have.
We will be heading out on vacation the last week in July, and wanted to inquire about boarding services as we would be most comfortable leaving them with you at seven oaks.
Thanks again for everything,
Don and April Goess


We thought we'd send you a pic or two of Gabriel.
He just turned one on the 22nd!

- Kristy & Sheryl Joyce



Chris and Linda,

I have attached a picture of Ginger (Ranger and Hollie).  We really do enjoy her since we lost our beloved Hank.


Jeff Ross


It has been seven months but I wanted to send you all pictures of Jax. He was from the litter born from Holly August 16th. He is a BEAUTIFUL dog with the BEST personality. He is just like us and has brought us so much happiness. We are in love!


Thank you so much!
Jordan and Ashley Danks


Wow, he's growing fast! Hope you guys are well. Looks like you are 
busy with recent litters.



Chris and Linda,

Thought I would share a few photos of our baby boy! He is a stinker but a
smart one :-) Potty training is still going on but he is such a smart
boy...when he wants to be!!! He can sit and come (again when he wants to).
He is such a joy and we just love him!

Enjoy the pictures and thank you for such a wonderful pup!

Kelly Elliott


Hi Chris,
Just got back from vacation and wanted to send you some pics.  I think
he is likeing his new home and family.  I told my husband he has
adapted well from the wood chips!! I think he thinks he is in


Good Morning,
As you can see Holly is adjusting nicely.  She had a very busy morning, she just got home from the car wash and  got to meet a lot of people.  Several people asked where we got her and I told them about your website.  One man in particular was very interested.  Her good looks and pleasant personality seemed to be your best advertisement.  If you would like to drop some business cards in the mail, I will be happy to hand them out on our next outing. 
We are enjoying her very much, but I do have a slight case of sleep depravation.  She is sleeping longer between outings at night, and has only had a couple of slight accidents.  We put a small cow bell on a ribbon and attached it to the back door,  hopefully she will learn to ring the bell when she wants to go outside.
Thanks again for our lovely pet,
Vicki, Sylvia, and Matt


Hi Chris,
We love Jake!  Thought you'd like to see what he has been doing during his first month with us. 
Thank you so much for breeding such awesome dogs!
Wayne & Tere Figg


Hi Chris,

My boyfriend, Whitney Lee, and I recently purchased our new puppy from
you, and it has been about a month since we brought her home. She has
already gotten so big! I just thought I would share with you all some
photos we have taken of her. Hope you enjoy seeing these photos of


Samantha Wiley


Hi Chris,

Just wanted to keep you posted on our new puppy that we ended up naming, "Kisses".  She is a bundle of energy & spirit.  We forgot how sharp those little puppy teeth can be!!  Anyways, Kisses potty trained herself via the doggie door in about a week which was very nice for us because at night now she just goes outside without us having to get up during the night.  Julianne loves her so much but doesn't quite understand why she doesn't listen to her when she tells her "no".  We keep explaining that it will take time before she learns all the rules.  She knows how to sit & walks really well on the leash.  Her coat is beautiful & very dark brown.  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful puppy.  Our older lab (13 years old) ignores her as much as she can but poor Kisses always wants to play.  We let her play with the younger dogs in the neighborhood.  They can handle all of her energy & enthusiasm better than our senior dog. 

Here are a couple of pics of Kisses & also of Godiva our older lab.

Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy.  We love her and look forward to many years of happiness with her. 

-Laura & Steve


Chris & Linda Grey,
In February of 2009 we adopted a female chocolate lab from the litter of Jake & Theia, her name is Lea.  We just wanted to take this opportunity on this day 12/13/09, the day she was born, to let you know how she has been doing.
Lea is 80 lbs and very healthy.  She fits our family very well, laid back but energetic too.  Of course as you know with all labs she is very smart and has been easy to train.  Some of her favorite things to do is play ball and chase birds in the back yard and of course long walks.  She is so lovable and a joy to have.  We are very happy to have Lea as a part of our family. 
Thank you so much for your dedication to breeding these amazing dogs. 
Attached is a few pictures of Lea.  The day we brought her home to present day.
Thank you.
Anthony & Amy Puepke


Just another quick Thank You for Our dog Marley, Here is a recent pic of her and her new constant companion Taylor.

 Marley is such a smart puppy, she now sits, will stay for 3 min, give you high 5, speak, and crawl, Now working on roll over.

 She is spoiled to death, yet at the same time learning dicipline.

Thanks again! Lana



Liz Hernandez



 I've attached a picture of our Libby (Liberty Belle), born May 9, 2006, at your kennel (Rowdy Boi and Liberty Gray). 

Ron Wool


Hi Chris,

I don't know if you remember us but we picked up Lucy at the end of
September and what a ride it has been!!!  She is a handful but beautiful and
sweet and we love her.  Always getting into trouble with a smile on her face
:)  We just wanted to drop you and picture of her. 

We hope all is well with you guys.  We check your website all the time to
see all the littlest ones.  It is hard not to want another!

Take care,
Melanie Steele


Dear Gray Family,
We adopted our chocolate lab last fall.  She is the off-spring of Cooper and Dutchess born 8/26/10.  We named her Lucy and she fits right in with our family. She is beautifull, smart, well-behaved, and is true to her water dog heritage as you can see from the picture of her leaping off the dock.  She is the star attraction at our local dog park as she leaps over and over again off the dock.  She is well socialized with the other dogs at the park and have never had a problem with her. We love her and thank you very much for allowing us to adopt her.
Just wanted to give y"all an update as she turns one years old!!
Thanks again,
Karen, Jeff, and Nicholas Ungar


Hi Gray Family,

I just thought I would share a couple of recent photos taken for our Christmas cards of Ally’s & Jake’s, Maggie Belle.  She is 30 pounds at 4 months and has the Dudley coloring.  She is extremely smart and loves people as all labs do.  She has been exposed to gun fire and doesn’t flinch, just waits for the casing to drop.  And, true to her heritage, loves water!

Enjoy the pictures.  I think she looks like Jake!  Happy Thanksgiving to your family,

Holly Walsh


Hello Chris,
My name is Alyssa Parisi. We Got Malibu from you a year ago from Grace and Zues's littler. She is doing great. What a personality. Attached is a recent picture. She is not as big as we thought she would be at this age (since her daddy was is so big) but I know that she still has a log way to go. Plus, we kinda like her being small. She is great and loves Hornsby (her brother) no much. They are inseperable.
Thank you so much,
Alyssa Parisi


Hi! We want to thank you very much for the wonderful Lab we got from you in April 2008. Mattie has made us very happy. She is a crazy, silly little girl but very sweet and loving all in one. We would not give her up for anything in the world. Her parents are Belle and Jake. We think she looks a lot like her dad. Thank you again for a wonderful Lab.

From: Eric and Kelly McDaniel


Chris and Linda,
I wanted to write and thank you for Max from Thor and Molly's litter born January 12th.  When my 10 year old lab passed away from cancer, I could never imagine loving another dog the same way.  Max is so sweet and super smart.  I attached a few pictures for you. 
He is six months old and weighs 40 pounds.  I wanted to know if that seemed like a normal weight to you.  My vet thinks he is small for his age.  I figured if anyone would know what a normal weight was for a puppy, it would be you guys.
Thanks again !! 
Tracey Ragsdale


Hello Chris & Linda!
As for Mocha, she just turned 10 months, completed her first heat cycle over spring break(our "little girl" is growing up!). She is doing great, about 22-23" inches at the shoulders and pushing 60 lbs right now. A sweet and loyal family dog, great with our boys. Just what we were looking for. She has quite the personality to go with it..funny thing here..she has this tug rope and will get it in the yard and start jumping around with it like a bronco at the rodeo, then she runs through the yard like she is in a barrel race. It is funny!!!
I attached a couple of pics, one at halloween in the floor with her boys & one a couple of weeks ago on the patio. Thanks again for a great family companion!
We'll stay in touch. Have a great weekend!
Mike Blockhus (& family & Mocha)



Hello, chris hope all is well. Here are some pics of "Roxy" the female from molly and zeus.

Tom Garza



Attached are a few pics of "Moose" from Starla and Midas' litter in September.

I have never seen a puppy with such a calm temperament, I guess we can thank Starla for that!

David and Lyndsey


Hi Gray Family,
We got Moose back in September from Zeus and Scarla's litter.  We want a brother for him but we are probably going to wait until the end of the year.  He is great and loves the water!  Here are a couple of pictures of him I took on my camera phone at the pond.  I see that Zeus and Scarla have one male left, TEMPTING! Have a great weekend.
Kirk Schumacher


Just wanted to send you some updated pictures of our dog we bought with you. He was born on March 27 and we picked him up on my birthday on April 26, 2009. He is a little over 6 months old. He is big and strong. He loves water and the first two pictures was when he was 4 months old. The last two he is 6 months old. We are so happy with him! He great with kids and loves his toys. We will send more pictures later. Let me know if you get these pictures. This is the first time I have attempted to send pictures.

 Fred and Vicki


Chris and Linda,

We just wanted you to know that Nestle is doing great. We love her so much. I am sending you her latest photo. You are welcome to use it if you would like. She is so smart and my kids adore her.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Melinda and Marc Patterson


Okay, so I apologize if I'm sending way too many pictures but we're very
excited and thankful for our new, adorable Lab puppy!!  The kids were
completely surprised.  Such fun!!
Happy Thanksgiving!



Mr. and Mrs. Gray,
Here is a picture of Molly and Bears puppy born July 2.
Thank you so much for the puppy we enjoy her very much.
She is a very smart dog and grows bigger and bigger everyday.
We just wanted to let you know that she is in great hands and we will continue taking good care of her.
Thank you once again,
The Bradley Family


My name is Glenn Halbert, we talked on the phone today about breeding Rose. I just wanted to email you some stuff about her and some pics so we can pick the right male for her.  I am looking for a male that will compliment her hunting skills but who will also do well in the house with lots of people and small children. I keep rose indoors all the time and she is very low key and submissive. But when we get out in the field she is very determined and focused. I could not be happier with her. My friends and family would like one of her litter so that's why I want to breed her. I also would like a male from her litter. She was born on December 11th 2007 from Zeus and Molly. I had her registered as Halbert's Yellow Rose of Texas. I would like her to have all colors in her litter so I was looking at Bo, Bear or even Charlie. But Lighting is a great looking male too. I not so much worried about the color but more that she is complimented in temperament and skill. Let me know what you think, and if possible I would like to meet the possible males sometime. Her last cycle started the 26th of September so she still has plenty of time before her next cycle. Again thank you for you time and I am so pleased how rose turned out.
Glenn Halbert


Hello Chris & Linda,
Remi had her last set of shots today, she is now 28.3 lbs. She has been running with us along our mt. bikes 3 miles and just loves it. She has been in canyon lake only up to her belly, and is getting more used to the water. In no time she will be swimming....
Her are a few more pictures of her. We just love her to death!!!!! She is a wonderful addition to our family!
take care,
Carrell, Larry & Remi


Hi Chris, thanks for the quick response.  Attached is a picture of Sam at 14 months.  Sam still has some puppy traits (likes to chew) but is a great companion and friend to everyone.  He responds to commands well and is a great dog.  He weights 96.4 lbs and meets the AKC height standard.  Has not been neutered as I may mate him later.  Thanks for having a great kennel and the wonderful dogs you have. 



Hello, I just wanted to let y'all know that Scooby is doing great. He is settling right in and is already fetching balls for the kids.
They love to take him on walks and brush him. He is so good minded and easy going - just like y'all said he would be.
He was worth the long drive and wait. Enjoy the photos and I will send more as he grows.
Thanks and have a great day.


Hi Gray family!!
We've been so busy since we brought Samson home! Watching him grow into a healthy pup has been such a blessing.He's 22lbs at 12 weeks and growing!! Samson is such a joy to our family and he's so smart. We couldn't imagine our lives without him. He's even started puppy classes to play with other pups and to learn commands. He's getting the potty training, and down to 1 accident a day!!! Yippeee!!! We've spoiled him so much already (I counted 25 toys already!!). Just wanted to say thankyou for such a beautiful puppy. We attached some pictures of him, Enjoy!
Cortney & Latia Pacely


Hello Chris,

I'm sure you get a lot of good pics from owners of dogs from your kennel.  I've a lot of good ones but this one I just had to share with you.

The birdbath is on the bottom step.  Saylor jumped in from a middle step.  He got up there all on his own.  Once he found he could get up and down, he got up there often.  Guess you could call him a 'bird dog.'

Hope you had a good 4th of July!

Take care,
Chris Durden


Gray Family --

Just wanted to send some updated pictures of Schooner, born last April 
13th (Roadie and Prancer's litter). He is the biggest, sweetest, most 
loyal 8 month-old pup I've ever owned (emphasis on biggest, and still 
growing!), and has become a great hunting companion with Ryan.



My husband and I just purchased "Tahoe" the 9-week-old male from Zeus and Dixie. I wanted to let you know that he has quickly become a new member of the family.  We have 3 girls ages 13 thru 21 and a 2-1/2 year old son.  Tahoe is adapting well and loving all of his attention.  


Hello Gray Family,

Brian and I hope that this email finds you well.  J  Our puppy’s 4 month birthday is tomorrow and it occurred to us that we have yet to say thank you and how pleased with are with how she has been.  Her temperament from the 1st day we brought her home has been nothing short of amazing.  She didn’t fuss at all and fit right in with our other lab, Homer.   I have attached a picture of our chocolate, Vegas, (parents Candy and Bear) and my brother Leo’s lab, Lexy whom he also purchased from you.  They enjoy playing with each other very much!  I can’t thank you enough for taking such great care of your dogs and that it really is evident in how our Vegas turned out.  So many people have asked where we got her from and we speak of you with great praise.  We both enjoyed meeting with you every time and your knowledge of the breed is phenomenal.  We can’t thank you enough for our puppy Vegas and look forward to one day visiting your facility again.

Take care and happy holidays,

Corina and Brian Hobbs


Hello Gray family!
It's been a while since I have checked in with y'all! Hope all is well!
Also, I wanted to share a few recent pics of Zoe! She is a true blessing to us and our family!
We still havent given up on the thought of gettin Zoe a mate...she sure needs someone to wrestle and dog play with! LOL!
Take care and I will write again soon!


Hello!  Just thought that I would send you some pictures of Zoey.  She was from the litter born on March 7th.  We absolutley LOVE her, and bring her everywhere.  A few weeks ago, she came tubing on the comal river.  She stayed in the tube with me, and did some swimming too (with a life jacket just in case because it was her firlst time and it wasnt a beach where she could walk out).  Then last weekend we went to canyon lake and found out shes a natural, and couldnt get enough of the water.  Even when we brought her to the dog park, she came back to us when we called even with all those distractions!  She is just so smart!  Within the first couple weeks of getting her, she could go up and down the stairs, sit, lay down,  drop her ball on command and give her paw too!  Right now shes learning how to walk better on a leash and stay when shes told, but it shouldnt take her very long.  At not even 4 months, shes even housebroken aside from the verrry few accidents if we are away for too long.  Anyways, thank you so much foor such a wonderful puppy! 
-Jillian Hautala and Nick Johnson


Just wanted to let y'all know we made it back to St. Croix.  Ava did 
great on the planes.  She's great.

Here is our Chirstmas Picture


The Chapmans


I love this picture of Hunter and thought I would share it with you.  He has been a blessing to our family. Hunter is out of Ranger and Sandee June 2010.  The picture was taken in February during the one day of snow.


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