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Stud Service

We have several proven studs that carry Chocolate, Yellow and Black genes. We also have studs that do carry the Silver Factor gene.

Our Stud Service price is $600.00

If you are interested in using one of our studs we accept either $600.00 or pick of the litter in some cases. Payment will be made by check or cash only.

We also have a contract that will be signed upon leaving the dame in our care for breeding. It is normal for the dame to become pregnant on the 10th -14th day of their heat cycle. Please contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 210-777-1464 to arrange for a meeting and for more information.

Please feel free to read our contract of agreement below:

Thank you,

Chris and Linda Gray


Upon the commencement of breeding, if agreement is the $600.00 fee, then $600 will be paid to the owner of the sire for services rendered. (i.e. Secure boarding of dame, monitoring to ensure successful breeding, etc.) This fee will be non refundable and is to be paid when dropping off the dame.

Breeding will be conducted after dame has been in heat for 7-10 days. (10-14 days is the normal ideal period for breeding.)

Breeding will be conducted for a period of one week to ensure that there has been an opportunity to breed during the peak of the heat cycle.

If agreement is for pick of the litter then: After the puppies are born and the pick of the litter has been chosen, the owner of the

sire is to give the owner of the dame a signed AKC litter registration application form.

Agreement: ___________________________________________________________

Sire ________________       Owner__________________       Date_____________

Dame_______________       Owner__________________       Date_____________