Seven Oaks Kennel

AKC Labs Texas Style, Family Owned and Family Raised

We have 3 Litters available.

Colors are Yellow. White, Chocolate and Silver

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Bree and Moose litter.

Chocolate female 8 weeks old born 06/14/19

Please call or text  us at 210-777-1464 if you would like to schedule an appointment to visit with her.


Willow and Sarge litter born 06/18/19

Ready for their new homes!

WIllow has:

2 Light Yellow Males still available!

1  Yellow Female available!

If interested in this litter please contact us at 210-777-1464

you can call or text


Sunny and Sarge Litter

Born 06/17/19

Ready 08/03/19

This is a stud service litter with a good friend of ours. We do not own momma. Sunny is the daughter of our Gunner and has been bred with Sarge.

Sunny had 10 Beautiful puppies.

3 White Males Available!

4 Yellow Males Available!

If you are interested in this litter please contact us to schedule a visit.

you can call or text us at 210-777-1464



Green Collar
Blue Collar
Orange Collar


Cali and Smokey litter

Born 06/17/19

Ready 08/3/19

This is another Stud Service litter. We do not own the momma. We are helping a family friend find good homes for these cuties.

Cali was bred with our Smokey (Silver lab)

Cali had 6 beautiful puppies

2 Silver Females still Available!

Please contact us if you are interested in this litter and would like to schedule a visit

You can call or text us at 210-777-1464


Silver Female Orange Collar
Female Yellow Collar

Price, Payment and Deposits

Black, Yellow and Chocolate puppies are 1000.00

250.00 to reserve

All White with black nose are 1500.00

500.00    deposit to reserve

Silver, Charcoal or Champagne are 1500.00

500.00 deposit to reserve

Since the deposit is non-refundable, please contact us prior to placing a deposit

The remaining balance for the puppy, we prefer cash or check.

If you would like to pay the remaining balance with a credit card a 3% fee will be added.

To keep our puppies healthy and free from communicable diseases we will not
allow any visits to our kennel until the puppies are at least 5 weeks of age.

During the 5 weeks of age is when we will schedule visits for "Puppy Picks"

Puppies are introduced to dry food at 4 weeks of age.

They will be ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age.

We believe that the 7-9 weeks of age period is the best bonding time with your new addition.

In certain cases we will let the puppy stay with us until 9 weeks of age.
After 9 weeks of age there will be a 25.00 a day boarding fee.

We are available most days of the week and weekends

Since this is also our home we do have times that we are not available and or have errands to run. 

Visits, pick ups, and drop offs are by appointment only!

Please call or text us @ 210-777-1464

Please contact us prior to placing a deposit.  It is important to us to know something about your family so that we know that our puppies are going to great homes and for you to know more about what to expect from adopting a Lab.  Also this helps you to know for certain which puppy or pick is available.   

For your convenience we accept:

Deposit to reserve Puppy/Pick $250

Go to Deposits/Prices Page to place your deposit:



The Puppy

Born at six ounces looking so sweet,
Born with two eyes two ears and four feet.
Growing like wild flowers out in the field,
Learning each day bout the world and its feel.
By three weeks it's moving around on all fours.
Searching each corner, the den and much more.
By four it is eating mashed food that is warm,
Yet still counting on mommy to keep it from harm.
By five it is steady on all four little paws,
Its jumping and playing, and using its claws.
By seven it is time to be moving along,
To a loving new family, where it soon will belong.
Leaving its mother, playmates and kin,
To start a new life with its family of friends.



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