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Lost Labs!

Being a Dog lover all our lives we know how difficult and heartbreaking it is to lose a part of your family.

We are a firm beliver of the Avid Microchip. There are many dogs out there that have been lost or stolen.

The Microchip is a wonderful way to keep your dog safe.

You may read more information about the microchip on our Avid Microchip page .

We want to stress how much this chip would help in finding your dog on this page but instead this page is dedicated to all the lost puppies out there who have been stolen or just lost their way back home.

This page is for customers and non customers who have lost one of their family members. We will give as much information as we can with a picture of the lost puppy/dog.

We hope that you as a visitor of our site can keep your eye open near your home or at least keep in tha back of your mind that there is a missing puppy/dog out there,

We will provide pictures and some information of any lost dogs/puppies.

If you know of someone who has lost a "family member" please send them our way so we may post their information for them on this site.

We will also post the HAPPY RETURNS.

Thank you,

Chris and Linda

For new postings please contact us @ [email protected]

For any information on a lost dog already posted please contact us @ [email protected]

Lost on 1/16/2008

Shelby and Harly

Labrador Retrievers Yellow/white Chocolate

Last Seen: Cypress Bend Subdivision in Sisterdale they both are wearing tags

these labs are Microchiped.

Please help in finding Shelby and Harly

***FOUND 01/21/08***